Flash Gallery Viewing Tips

Click the “slideshow view” icon Adobe Flash Gallery Slideshow Icon to hide the thumbnail images and enlarge the main image window.

Each image is available in 3 sizes besides the thumbnail. The largest size that will fit in the image window will load automatically. Image files will pre-load but you can view individual images before all are loaded. It is advisable to wait a bit before clicking the “play” button Adobe Flash Gallery Play Button for the slideshow, especially if your internet connection is slow. If the slideshow stops advancing part way through, click on the “next image” button to continue. Assuming that caching is enabled in your browser, you should be able to review the show later without delay as long as the images remain in cache.

  • For optimal viewing (largest images): Select “slideshow view” and maximize the document window area in your browser by closing unnecessary toolbars, sidebars, etc. or press the F11 key to put your browser in “full screen” mode (will not work if flash gallery is active).
  • If your internet connection is slow or you are just impatient: You may want to force the smaller images to load for faster downloading. Stay in “thumbnail view” and reduce the size of your browser window or its document area. If the gallery frame becomes cropped, you have reduced too far and you are already viewing the smallest image. Minimum gallery width is about 650 pixels. Once you have achieved a suitable window size, do not change it again or downloading may restart with a different image size.