A Short Walk Through a Long Winter

The winter of 2006-07 has been a challenging one in the southern Yukon. Lots of cold, wind, overcast skies and incessant snow, especially in the early and late parts of the season, have made it seem neverending. Even when one has braved the elements, it has not been a particularly photogenic winter, with very little of the ice fog, magical light and heavy hoarfrost that often excite Yukon photographers at this time of year. Nonetheless, in any half year period it is inevitable that nature will provide some photographic inspiration. This collection of images was made over the course of the winter in the immediate area of my home, mostly while snowshoeing.

Freeze-up on Pancake Lake #1

Freeze-up on Pancake Lake #2

Frosted Dead Leaves on a Tree #1

Frosted Dead Leaves on a Tree #2

Ripples in the Snow #1

Ripples in the Snow #2

Colourful Stump

Low-down Dog #1

Low-down Dog #2

Low-down Dog #3

Low-down Dog #4

November Mountainside

Frost on the Other Side

Silver Needle Revival

Frosty Trees against a Deep Blue Sky

A Coat of Hoarfrost

Roses of Winter

September in February? #1

September in February? #2

Coddled Seeds

From Icy Death Will Come New Life

Spread Thy Frozen Seed

Frosty Tree Lichen #1

Frosty Tree Lichen #2

Skylight Art

Cold View From My Glass Cocoon

Tough Slogging

Mountains across the Valley

Mountains across the Valley, edit b&w

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