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Feature Photos
The collected images that have appeared on this site’s home page in the Feature Photo spot. The Feature Photo is a timely image accompanied by a descriptive paragraph. It is rotated frequently, but all previous entries are preserved in this archive.
Dyea 2015

Dyea 2015 Photo Club Trip

The Dyea Flats, just above tidewater, burst into a colourful profusion of wildflowers in the month of June and this has become an annual destination for our club in recent years. The trip from and back to Whitehorse along the South Klondike Highway (Skagway Road) also provided roadside opportunities to photograph a bear and a waterfall.

Aurora Extraordinaire
Colour and pattern filled almost the entire celestial dome, while occasional bright eruptions formed curtains and arcs that sometimes spanned the sky from horizon to horizon. In other cases, the light gathering capability of the digital sensor filled in what my eyes could not detect and fully revealed magnificent and surreal painted skies.

Road Trip 2012
In August of 2012 I did a motorcycle camping trip from my home near Whitehorse to British Columbia's Okanagan region for a visit with relatives. This is a collection of photos I took during that vacation.

Snow Sculptures - Rendezvous 2009
The snow sculpture competition was a highlight of the 2009 edition of the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous ... some of the sculptures seen here would be world championship contenders ... they are spectacular.

...what emerges as the snow recedes is worthy subject matter for my camera, elegantly framed within a matrix of crystalline snow and ice.

A Visit to Sheep Mountain, May 2007
In early May I accompanied some fellow Whitehorse Photography Club members and friends on a two day outing to Sheep Mountain ... In most of the photos that I took, my companions substituted for sheep as subjects. I present his sparse photographic record of the trip mainly for their viewing, but anyone else who is interested is welcome to look in.

Road Trip 2006: Places In August 2006 I did a motorcycle tour to Calgary and the Okanagan ... Here are the location shots from this adventure that made the cut.

Road Trip 2006: Family & Fun ...this gallery contains portraits of most of my cousins with whom I spent time as well as activity shots which I hope capture some sense of family fun times ...

Fireworks on Hummingbird Creek While I was visiting with my cousins at Mara Lake in the Okanagan, the residents on their street threw a neighbourhood barbecue followed by a fireworks display on the creek that runs behind their properties. That display is captured in this short flash slide show.

A Short Walk Through A Long Winter, 2006-07 ...This collection of images was made over the course of the winter in the immediate area of my home, mostly while snowshoeing.